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Tile & Grout Cleaning + Seal

Tile & Grout Cleaning + Seal

We at Service Bro’s offer a full 8 step cleaning process for Tile & Grout Cleaning + Seal. We have certified technicians trained to clean also seal grout and natural stone. You may ask yourself “is it worth it”? The Grout line is porous and collects dirt, grime, and bacteria. But if cleaning is avoided, you may notice mildew growing in the grout line, also making the tiles look dull. For most people, professional tile cleaning is worth the cost, and this is for many reasons. But you also may ask does the grout lines really need to be sealed after cleaning. The answer is yes but one because when you have the tile and grout cleaned it will take up that the rest of the sealant already there that has been broken down. Once the grout is cleaned, you do want to seal it to protect it from dirt, mold, bacteria also mildew. Grout sealers will break down over time, so you’re going to have to reseal grout on a floor every three to five years. We can clean all different types of tile floor like Natural stone, including polished marble, slate, and limestone. Also like Porcelain tile, ceramic tile, non slip tile or high gloss tile but like high gloss tile there are other processes that go into those that you can ask upon request of cleaning. We offer services to residential and commercial clients

Service Bro’s Cleaning Process Includes: Tile and Grout Assessment, Door Guard Securement, Corner Guard Placement, Pre-Treatment, Agitate Grout Lines, SX-15 Cleaner, Grout Sealer, also last but not least Final Inspection.

Tile & Grout Cleaning + Seal prices vary depending on Square Feet.

Up to 100 square feet: $1.55 per square feet

100+ Square feet: $1.25 per square feet

Shower or backsplash: $2.00 per square

Below you will also find a few pictures of Tile & Grout Cleaning.