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How to Make Carpet Dry Faster

So, you’ve just had your carpet cleaned and you’re wondering How to Make your Carpet Dry Faster. We don’t blame you. Especially, since we use our carpet and furniture nonstop through out the day. It can be very hard to wait. Carpet and furniture usually takes about 6-10 hours to dry after they have been cleaned. However, there are luckily some fairly easy ways to speed up the drying process. Learn more about these drying methods below!

  1. drying carpets with fans for how to make carpet dry fasterTurn on the Fans: Be sure to turn on all of your ceiling fans after carpet cleaning. Furthermore, bring out any other household fans you may have to speed up the carpet drying process. At Service Bros, we use 360 fans on our customers’ carpet to help them dry more quickly. A picture of those fans can be found in the picture above! Utilizing these fans can help carpets dry twice as fast. 

  2. Turn on The HVAC: Having your air conditioning on will keep air circulating, helping your carpet to dry faster.

  3. Open Windows: Opening windows also helps make carpet to dry faster. Any type of ventilation will help speed up carpet drying! 

  4. Go with a Pro: A professional carpet cleaning company will use commercial, truck mounted equipment. What does this mean for you? More powerful cleaning and more suction, which leads to quicker carpet drying times. 

Those are our tips for how to make your carpet and furniture dry faster! We hope we’ve given you some ways to help speed up the drying process the next time you have your carpet or furniture cleaned. 

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