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Pet Urine Treatment

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Pet accidents happen. That’s why we offer Pet Urine and Pet Spot Treatment Services. Our Pet Urine Odor Removal Process can be applied to carpets, rugs, furniture, and mattress. It is best to apply the treatment as quickly as possible. So, call or text us for a free Pet Urine Treatment Estimate at 317-943-2767. Want to know more about our Pet Urine Treatment Indianapolis area customers trust? Keep reading for more details on the process!

How Does Your Pet Urine Odor and Stain Treatment Work?

First, we will asses the pet urine spot needing treated. This is part of our 9 step carpet and furniture cleaning process. Next, we will apply a pretreatment solution product to penetrate the pet stain area. We will then use our powerful, truck-mounted equipment to clean and sanitize the affected area. If we are cleaning other carpet and furniture, we will do that while the Pet Urine Treatment is taking place.

Our carpet cleaning equipment uses hot water and suction to clean and sanitize your carpet, furniture, upholstery, and mattresses. Furthermore, we can apply our Pet Urine and Odor Treatment to any of these items.

What Products Do You Use for Pet Urine Treatment in Indianapolis?

We use a product called. Newzyme Pet Odor Remover. This commercial-grade product is a chemical blend of living bacterial cultures, enzymes, and odor control agents. It will destroy the molecular structure of odor producing materials. Newzyme removes most odors created by pets and those on porous surfaces.

How Much Does Your Pet Odor and Urine Treatment Cost?

First, Pet Odor and Urine Removal is an add on service to our carpet, furniture, or mattress cleaning. If the stain is just on the surface of the carpet, then it would only be an additional $20 per area to use our pet urine treatment. However, if the stain has gone down to the padding or below to the subfloor, then we will have to use a water claw extraction to get that out.  This is where we soak the stain and extract the water out to remove the stain.  The cost to use that an additional $75 per area that it would need applied to.

Unfortunately, if the urine has penetrated the padding and subfloor, the damage may not be completely reversed. In these instances, you may have to have the carpet removed to fully eradicate the pet urine damage.

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